Winds of Change – Shiva Painting

shiva painting hindu art

Winds of change is a painting of the Hindu Deity, Shiva. Shiva is the god of change. Change is a necessity. In some religions as with Hinduism, change is recognized. Notable would be Taoism.

This is inspired by the Hinduism Deity Shiva. He is otherwise known as the ‘destroyer’ , often depicted meditating with a cobra around his body. Philosophers (and I agree with them) consider him more of a god of change…because he destroys only to rebuild.

This a painting of meditation. The gold leaves floating in motion. The deity is in a zone. He is with his symbols, a snake and jewelry.

Acrylics On Canvas
Nik Helbig Painting 2007
80 x 120 cm

Shiva Hindu Painting




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