Un Sospiro

woman looking out to sea - seascape painting


“Un Sospiro”
Painting Acrylics on Canvas

100 x120cm

Painting of lady with umbrella looking out to a stormy sea.

——–Thank you, Michael H. Hanson,  for this beautiful poem! ——–

“This beautiful painting inspired my poem:”

Le Miroir de l’Amour
by Michael H. Hanson

I wonder if you think of me
when standing on your distant shore
cloaked in Aeolian finery
as lonely as I am heartsore.

I ponder if you greet the night
as I despair the setting moon
gazing upon sparkling twilight
and if my absence makes you swoon.

I fonder than all other men
who offer shallow reverence
send my ardour and acumen
with sweet, undying eloquence.

As heaven mirrored ‘pon the sea
this kiss, luminous, reflects me.

Poetry by Michael Hanson, received via Facebook, 20 Aug 2012

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