Traces Sunflowers Painting

This is a small pair of painting of kids. The girl has in her arms a huge bouquet of golden sunflowers. She walks on her way, which seems like an endless road leading to a destination unknown to anyone, even herself.
We are all children of the world. We all walk on and on. We think we know where the path leads, but we really have no idea where we are heading towards.
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Traces – Art painting of Child with Sunflowers

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The only thing we can be sure of is our present and the past which we have left trailing behind us. Like the painting of golden sunflowers, what traces do we leave in our track? Is is a path of goodwill, love and joy? What else really counts if we do not really know where the path will lead?

paintings of child with sunflowers
painting of girl with sunflowers

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‘Cute’ is what many people may say about this pair of paintings, but to me it is about “me”. It is about all of us. It is a reminder to embrace life. The present. Deal with the “now” as best you can so that the past will look like a golden path of lovely sunflowers.

Acrylics on Canvas
90x 120cm
Art Painting of a girl With Sunflowers.

Painting of a child with sunflowers…spilling in a trace…we all leave our mark in the world. what would the trace of your life look like?

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