Tango Fire – Paintings

Tango Fire Painting Of Lovers 120cm x 90 cm Acrylics on Canvas Lovers Kiss Painting Acrylic Painting 120cm x 90cm Art Prints of Tango Lovers Red Paintings are available. Painting by Nik Helbig Acrylics on canvas 120cm x 90cm Tango Lovers Red Paintings Acrylics on canvas 120cm x 90cm Lovers Tango Painting Acrylics on canvas […]

Tango Lovers Painting Series

It’s not a silly little moment It’s not the storm before the calm This is the deep and dying breath of This love we’ve been working on… Buy art print on canvas of this painting, Tango Romantic Painting of lovers. Tango Painting… Is a painting of Romance, a painting of love. Art by Nik Helbig […]

Light and Darkness Painting

Painting of light. This is an art work image of a lone child holding a lighted lantern. The child is engulfed in darkness, his lantern creates an illumination that radiates from a central circle of light. “Light” Acrylics On Canvas Nik Helbig Painting 2008 90 x 120 cm Painting of Child with Lantern. Dark painting, […]

Redemption Songs

Buy Art Print of this Painting. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” … cos “None but ourselves can free our minds” Redemption Songs 80cm x 120cm Acrylics On Canvas Painting of man with dreadlocks with guitar. Guitar Player.   “But my hand was made strong By the ‘and of the Almighty. We forward in this generation […]

I Started a Joke – Child with Balloon Paintings

I Started A Joke – painting of child with red balloon Acrylics on Canvas 120cm x 90cm Painting of Child with runaway red balloon. “I looked at the skies, running my hands over my eyes, And I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that I’d said. Til I finally died, which started […]