Poem: Tsunami

The weather is changing,
the ocean stirs,
the waves crash,
toss and churns,
louder and louder.
The people should leave the beach.
I am safe —
at least I think I am safe.
I’m in my apartment.
It overlooks the beach.
It is on the 14th floor.
The waves
are getting bigger.
The water becomes a wall.
The wall subsides
only to form a bigger wall at its wake.
The wall rises towards me.
I smell my fear.
I feel overwhelmed.
I feel also excited.
I’m ready to do something.
I do not run.
I’m ready to fight the tide.
The wall of water blocks out the view from my window.
I hope I remembered to shut the windows.
I hope the windows will withstand the force of the water.
The biggest wave of all approaches.
It crashes.
It missed me.
Nothing happened.
I am spared.
I am spared the fight.
I’m bored.
I have no idea
what to do with this.

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