How to Paint Like Klimt

How to paint

In The Style Of Gustav Klimt “Die Tanzerin”

Things You will Need:
Drawing pencil or charcoal pencil.
Acrylics paints or Oil Paint.
Acrylic / Watercolor Paper or Canvas
Paint brushes
A photo reference.
Lots of patience

How to paint

Draw outline of the picture on the canvas. Here I use yellow ink pen. You can use pencil or charcoal.

paint like Klimt

Paint the skin. Skin is very delicately colored. I use Burnt Sienna, Yellow Orche, Ultramarine and Titanium White to tone the skin.

how to paint Madonna

Paint in many layers, use dry brush to blend if you like the skin to be smoothly shaded.

paint like Klimt

This is how to really paint smooth skin tone with acrylics.

paint art deco

Thin layers over layers.Paint the hair. First outline with burnt sienna, then fill the colors with yellow ochre, white, and lemon yellow. Paint lock by lock, taking note of the highlights and shadows.

Paint art deco

Paint the flowers. To paint art deco, you will need a lot of colorful flowers. Here I paint thickly and quickly. The strokes should look free and swift. Observe real life flowers to get the shading and shapes right.

madonna painting

Typical of Gustav Klimt’s later (and most loved) works. They are gaudy with flowers all over the place!

Paint the background and other background pattern. I don’t have green paint in my inventory. The greens are best painted yellow below, ultramarine on top, or vice versa. Use Yellow Ochre for a muted green, and cyan for bright green. I also never over-mix the colors. This way you get colors resonating around each other. Over mixing makes colors flat.

Paint the clothes. Gustav Klimt likes to paint patterns. This one looks psychedelic.Tips:# Use a few colors as possible. When you need more colors, mix primary colors.
# Don’t over-mix colors.
# Paint freely and have fun.

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