Shiva 2 Hindu Painting

Shiva Meditation, Hindu Deity Painting Buy Shiva Art Print Here. Lord Shiva is a supreme Hinduism God. Shiva’s image comes in the form described as: Holding a Trident in the right lower arm. (The trident, like almost all other forms in Hinduism, can be understood as the symbolism of the unity of three worlds that […]

Burning Joss Prayer Painting

Burning joss sticks. In a Chinese temple the scent of joss and the white plumes of smoke that rise from the glowing sticks, puts us in meditative trance. We can imagine the sounds of chants from monks in the corner. They aren’t saying anything but “om-mani-padme-om…” Purchase fine art canvas prints of this image : […]

Noli-Me-Tangere Mary Magdalene Painting

Acrylics on Canvas “Noli Me Tangere” Painting based on classical biblical theme. Mary Magdalene and Jesus. “Noli Me Tangere” is the latin the phrase found in the Gospel of John. It’s original Greek meaning “stop clinging to me”, “don’t touch me”, “stop clinging to me”. “Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to […]

Winds of Change – Shiva Painting

Winds of change is a painting of the Hindu Deity, Shiva. Shiva is the god of change. Change is a necessity. In some religions as with Hinduism, change is recognized. Notable would be Taoism. This is inspired by the Hinduism Deity Shiva. He is otherwise known as the ‘destroyer’ , often depicted meditating with a […]

The Way – Buddhist Painting

Paintings depicting Buddhism are soothing. This is a painting of Buddhist monks — one an adult and the other a child. The walk under an umbrella in the rain. “The Way” Acrylics On Canvas Nik Helbig Painting 2008 90 x 120 cm Painting of buddhist monks in the rain with an umbrella. Buddhist monks painting […]

Light and Darkness Painting

Painting of light. This is an art work image of a lone child holding a lighted lantern. The child is engulfed in darkness, his lantern creates an illumination that radiates from a central circle of light. “Light” Acrylics On Canvas Nik Helbig Painting 2008 90 x 120 cm Painting of Child with Lantern. Dark painting, […]

Redemption Songs

Buy Art Print of this Painting. “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” … cos “None but ourselves can free our minds” Redemption Songs 80cm x 120cm Acrylics On Canvas Painting of man with dreadlocks with guitar. Guitar Player.   “But my hand was made strong By the ‘and of the Almighty. We forward in this generation […]