Poem: Tsunami

The weather is changing, the ocean stirs, the waves crash, toss and churns, louder and louder. Deafening. The people should leave the beach. I am safe — at least I think I am safe. I’m in my apartment. It overlooks the beach. It is on the 14th floor. The waves are getting bigger. The water […]

Light Up this Town – Liberty Painting

caption id=”attachment_6572″ align=”alignnone” width=”400″] liberty-torch-painting[/caption] 2009 Painting by Nicole Helbig Light up this town II 120cm x 90cm “Says the poet “I won’t grass”… Some things are better left and not taken to task… I guess I knew she was a Rose… She knows what hurts and how to hold…”… Tanita Tikaram Lyrics to Light […]