When I Come Around


‘I heard you crying loud, all the way across town You’ve been searching for that someone, and it’s me out on the prowl As you sit around feeling sorry for yourself Well, don’t get lonely now And dry your whining eyes I’m just roaming for the moment Sleazin’ my back yard so don’t get so uptight you been thinking about ditching me

No time to search the world around Cause you know where I’ll be found When I come around …’ When I Come Around Lyrics, Green Day

“When I Come Around”
Painting of Erotic Nude Female Figure Art
Nik Helbig
100x 120 cm
Acrylic Painting

I Dance Alone


”¬†2am; where do I begin,
Crying off my face again.
The silent sound of loneliness
Wants to follow me to bed.

Dancing slowly in an empty room,
Can the lonely take the place of you?
I sing myself a quiet lullaby.
Let you go and let the lonely in
To take my heart again.” Lyrics from The Lonely,¬†Christina Perry

Mystical style painting of female figure
Dancing alone in Turquoise backdrops of paint drips
Acrylic Painting

Beautiful Madness

beautiful woman art

“I… I can’t get this memories out of my mind.
And some kind of Madness,
Has started to evolve, mmn.

And I… I tried so hard to let you go.
But some kind of Madness,
Is swallowing me whole, yeh.

I have finally seen the light.
And I… have finally realized.
What you mean…
And now, I need to know if it’s real love.
Or is it just Madness,
Keeping us afloat, mmm.¬†” Lyrics from Madness, by Muse


Erotic Painting

erotic painting

Erotic painting of a woman on fours position.
Acrylics on Canvas
80 x 120 cm

“ust ‘cuz she dances go-go
It don’t make her a ho, no
Maxine, put your red shoes on, hon
We going to the disco
We gonna eeeelope to Meeeexico
Called up my mama, said I’m in love with this strippah, yo”
Wyclef Jean Lyrics to “Perfect Gentleman”

Fine art print and posters of this art work can be obtained from this site.