I Believed in You – Angel Painting

I believed in you - angel painitng

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Underneath this canopy of snow…
Where fifty-seven winters
Took their toll
Where did you go?
And I believed in you
I believed in you
Like Elvis Presley
Singing psalms on a Sunday
(Where did you go?)

Well she’s gone to meet her maker
Back to where she came from
Come to save her soul…
Come to save her soul…
Come to take her home
‘Cause it’s late and past
Your bedtime
Well past bedtime

… Lyrics of Angel by Eurythmics

Viva Forever & Bedazzled – Angel Paintings

angel painting viva forever
angel painting viva forever

Spice Girls – The song “Viva Forever” brings you to a fairyland of sparkles and fairies. Platinum blonde waif figured angels appear from back-lit background, with hair glowing like a halo and their bodies veiled in translucent robes.

Viva Forever
Acrylics On Canvas
120 x 90cm

angel painting
Bedazzled – Angel

This is a new Angel Painting, “Bedazzled”.
More whimsical type of angel. She is platinum blonde, pale-white, almost translucent skin in white dress.
Sparkly halo of white surrounds her, since her figure is subject to back-lighting. The rest of her universe is pythalo blue.

“Yes I still remember,
Every whispered word
The touch of your skin, giving life from within
Like a love song that I’d heard
Slipping through our fingers,
Like the sands of time
Promises made, every memory saved
Has reflections in my mind..”

blame-it-on-the-moon-Paintings of Angels


Gonna blame it, on the moon
Didn’t want to fall in love again so soon…
I was fine, feeling strong,
Didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.
Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I blame it on the moon cos it’s not my fault…
I did not think that it would happen so soon,
So I blame it on the moon.

Painting of Angel

Painting of Angel, Blame it On the Moon
100cm x 120cm