Poem: Tsunami

The weather is changing,
the ocean stirs,
the waves crash,
toss and churns,
louder and louder.
The people should leave the beach.
I am safe —
at least I think I am safe.
I’m in my apartment.
It overlooks the beach.
It is on the 14th floor.
The waves
are getting bigger.
The water becomes a wall.
The wall subsides
only to form a bigger wall at its wake.
The wall rises towards me.
I smell my fear.
I feel overwhelmed.
I feel also excited.
I’m ready to do something.
I do not run.
I’m ready to fight the tide.
The wall of water blocks out the view from my window.
I hope I remembered to shut the windows.
I hope the windows will withstand the force of the water.
The biggest wave of all approaches.
It crashes.
It missed me.
Nothing happened.
I am spared.
I am spared the fight.
I’m bored.
I have no idea
what to do with this.

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La Primavera


La Primavera by Nik Helbig
Painting for Spring
Acrylics on Canvas 100cm x 120cm

primavera spring painting

Primavera II – Dance of Spring
100cm x 120cm Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Painting of dancer with her hair swinging with the movement of her body.


Un Sospiro

woman looking out to sea - seascape painting


“Un Sospiro”
Painting Acrylics on Canvas

100 x120cm

Painting of lady with umbrella looking out to a stormy sea.

——–Thank you, Michael H. Hanson,  for this beautiful poem! ——–

“This beautiful painting inspired my poem:”

Le Miroir de l’Amour
by Michael H. Hanson

I wonder if you think of me
when standing on your distant shore
cloaked in Aeolian finery
as lonely as I am heartsore.

I ponder if you greet the night
as I despair the setting moon
gazing upon sparkling twilight
and if my absence makes you swoon.

I fonder than all other men
who offer shallow reverence
send my ardour and acumen
with sweet, undying eloquence.

As heaven mirrored ‘pon the sea
this kiss, luminous, reflects me.

Poetry by Michael Hanson, received via Facebook, 20 Aug 2012

Nobodys Diary

painting sleeping
nobody’s diary painting

Nobody’s Diary II 90x120cm
2009 Nicole Helbig
Acrylics on Canvas

Nobody’s Diary II
2009 Nicole Helbig
Acrylics on Canvas

“I can’t believe you want to turn the page,
And move your life onto another stage,
You can change the chapter you can change the book,
But the story remains the same if you’d take a look.”
Yazoo Lyrics to “Nobody’s Diary”

Light Up this Town – Liberty Painting

caption id=”attachment_6572″ align=”alignnone” width=”400″]liberty-torch-painting liberty-torch-painting[/caption]

2009 Painting by Nicole Helbig
Light up this town II
120cm x 90cm

liberty painting

“Says the poet “I won’t grass”…
Some things are better left and not taken to task…
I guess I knew she was a Rose…
She knows what hurts and how to hold…”…
Tanita Tikaram Lyrics to Light Up this Town.

Mystical Men Paintings


Buy art print on canvas, paper or acrylic Whaddya Want From Me? Emotion Painting from this site.
Painting by Nik Helbig
Acrylics on canvas
120cm x 90cm


“Once upon a time I was falling in love
But now I’m only falling apart
There’s nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the heart…” – Bonnie Tyler lyrics Total Eclipse Of The Heart

“Eclipsed” Painting
Spiritual Mystical Painting of male figure in light by Nik Helbig.
Acrylics on canvas
120cm x 90cm

8 Mini Painting of Nudes

nude paintings

This is a series of paintings of nudes. These paintings are different from the others, in that they are very small paintings 6in x 8in, acrylics on canvas.

I find a lot of freedom painting these. They are little, sketchy and free. So they are as candid as they get. Painting these allows me to easily express myself in the brushstrokes. Very relaxing, indeed.
It’s small size, and unframed.

Gallery of mini paintings of women. Nude paintings in Acrylics on Canvas.

Do check out my other paintings of nudes in this website.