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I say,

“Many artists think there is beauty in sadness. I say there is beauty in erotica. Sex is the only reason why life yearns to look good.”






Art is free. My paintings are about the human emotion. Uncomplicated and direct. I have intended for them to be so straight forward, they really do not need the titles.

Like a song in an Andrew Lloyd Webber’s not-so-successful play, Aspects Of Love, goes, “when you know that those images mean… all the rest in subtext is obscene…”

For me, creating emotion in paint is a welcome challenge. It is too easy to merely create forms and physical content. Everyone can do that. It is something else when a piece of art exudes its own essence. I believe it is the very “thing” that separates the great from the good.

The other challenge I give myself when creating art is to turn melancholy on its head. My intentions are motivational, spiritual, zen. I believe in positives emerging from any setback. In that sense, I think myself different from other artists. If you see pain in my picture, look for the light. It is always there.

These paintings are created with the intention to transform rooms into breathing, living spaces. The strokes and resonating colors speak to the subconscious to bring about positive effects and luxurious ambience.

Paintings can now be purchased online the link on this site.

If you are curious about what I do the rest of my time, well, I’m a lifestyle coach and fitness consultant. I’m also a marketing consultant for a company involved in night-life. Art seems to be the recreational job which I find most relaxation in.

I am also the author of the book available on Amazon.com, Forever Young Forever Fit.  My art has helped a lot in executing this book, because writing requires as much creativity as art.

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