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nik helbig

I have kept this page pretty much neglected the entire year.

As a writer, teacher and trainer, I prefer to let my work speak for itself. I am no celebrity or wannabe celebrity because you are either a celebrity or you are for real.

What does one say in an “about me” page that has nothing to do with me, but you, the reader?

Perhaps you’d like to know what I stand for and what I’m against.

What I stand for:

  • Being balanced in everything we do. Nothing in excess or lack does any good to anyone.
  • Building and not burning. I hate the idea of burning calories or burning fat. That kind of thinking does not work, and does not last even if it works in the beginning.
  • I believe it is better to drop dead at the age of 100 than to die slow. Aging is optional.
  • I believe in the power of belief. Most of the time we fail to get things done because we really do not believe in the process.
  • The belief that everybody has good intentions. Sometimes we may do the wrong things, or take on bad habits, but there is always good intention behind those deeds.
  • Freedom is the essence of good life. We should aim to be free of encumbrances — needs that do not lead us to anything. Mindfulness is the key to releasing ourselves from the chains of neediness.
  • I believe that if you follow the concepts I try to explain in my book, it’ll free you from forever preoccupying yourself with weight and health issues.

I am against:

  • Excesses — over dieting, over exercising, over working — etc.
  • Strange diets, fad diets, supplements, enhancement drugs – these things only promise short term gains that lead to long term damage. They aren’t worth it!
  • Totally against people getting anorexic, or injured as the result of excesses. If you know of anyone who’s suffering anorexia, please contact me via Facebook . If I can help. I will do it for nothing.

Life is meant to be good, because we are created for happiness. See the Light. I hope my book will help you feel physically and mentally healthier and bring you closer to what was intended for you.

– Nik Helbig


[symple_toggle title=”Official Bio”]Nik Helbig started her career as a biochemist for the food and medical industries. In the last decade, she has extended her work towards the more practical aspect of the sciences by helping others to understand the fundamentals of health and fitness. The road to guiding others has encouraged her to reach deeper into studies in neurolinguistic programming or NLP, Enneagram research, and methods of self-hypnosis and meditation. The combined effect of knowledge in these fields has proven to be tremendously useful to her clients, many of whom are business professionals from Asia and the EU. When not at work (or working out), Nik indulges in painting, traveling and of course, shopping.[/symple_toggle]



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