Best Home Gym Equipment 2016

Posted by NikH

Here are some of equipment you can install in your home, so that you get get a full body-transforming workout any time you wish. With your own gym at home exercise is a casual affair, and you can workout on your own terms, and in the attire you feel most comfortable with!

home gym equipment

Home Gym Weights for Small Spaces

1. Sandbags and Sandbells.  This is a very versatile weight, which is effective, because of it’s irregular shape. It is also safe to use at home, unlike metal weights.  I’d recommend anyone get a sandbag or sandbell first before anything else.

2. Dumbbells and Barbell sets These are traditional weights, always a favourite with home athletes. The Powerblock dumbbell is adjustable and good if you have constraint on space. Read also: Adjustable Dumbbells Comparison – Bowflex vs PowerBlock vs Regular Dumbbells

3. Kettlebells or Clubbells Kettlebells are very popular for home gymmers. Try to get coated ones as they minimize damage to your home when dropped.

4. Medicine Balls

Home Gym Equipment for Balance & Strength

1. Bosu Ball and Swiss Ball I use these often to make my workouts more intense See 10 Bosu Exercises to add to your workout routines. Intermediate to Advanced leve.

Gym Equipment for Suspension Workout

1. Rings and suspension trainers. These are the most cost effective suspension trainers you can find. They’re simple yet very challenging for the beginner to use, but they’re great if you can master core activation.

Home Gym Cardio EquipmentNeed a little metabolic booster? Here are a couple of cardio equipment for the home that I’d recommend. 1. Stationary Exercise bikes2. Treadmills and ElipticalsHome Gym Equipment with Stacked WeightsIf you have space and the budget to boot, see Best Stack Weight Home Gym Equipment by Function, Price & Review. home gymHome Gym Equipment for OutdoorsThis a the latest addition to my workout equipment: Undulation Rope! Some call it Power rope, or battle ropes. These are nicer when put outdoors, and the workout you get from this simple thing quick and intense. power rope workout Read also: Power Rope, Battle Rope Exercises: Full Body Workout In a Single Move