Muscle Imbalances : the causes and how to fix it yourself

Posted by NikH

This was quite timely. Jeff Cavalier explains “How to fix muscle imbalances” just at the time I am realizing a bit of imbalance in my shoulders. Muscle imbalances are annoying basically because we work so hard at building good tone, only to see that there is something not optimum in the results. It is also puzzling when it happens. Muscle imbalances usually go unnoticed until we get a bit further in development. We may see muscles on one side of our body larger than the other. For me, it is at the traps. Muscle imbalance is caused by repeated lop-sided movements. It is a mechanical issue, and is usually the result of working out with less-than-perfect posture. Almost all of us have bodies that tilt a little to the side here and there, so this is not uncommon. The other cause of muscle imbalance is the tendency for some muscles to be tight and others less so. How do we end up with muscle imbalance? Jeff Cavalier explains.

How to fix Muscle Imbalance by Yourself

The best way to fix workout problems, in my opinion is to get yourself a trainer. If that is not possible for you, take Jeff Cavalier’s advice and get yourself a mirror.  The other thing to do is to video-record your workout. Take the videos head on rather than at an angle. That way you can scrutinize your form and make conscious effort to improve it. Take, for example, my situation with my left trap being slightly higher than the right, when I engage my upper back or shoulder, I would also make conscious effort to focus on my weaker side, so that the stronger does not take over as it usually does. So when doing a chin up, what normally happens is that my body swings to the left. Hence for remedial work, I focus on preventing that “swing” and engage the weaker side.