Mule Kicks, Side Lunges and Push Ups: A 12 minute Bodyweight-Only Workout Routine

Posted by NikH

Workout Routine inspired by ZWOW 11. This is cardio intense, so do them as many reps as possible (AMRAP). Tempo is important, you have to set your mind to go full speed ahead. This workout routine uses only bodyweight, and no equipment is necessary. Workout Breakdown: 3 exercises. Do them in this sequence:

lunge workout

20 Side side lunges

mule kicks workout sumo push up workout



Repeat this for 12 minutes and document how many rounds you can accomplish. View Zuzka’s video here:

How many calories would you burn during this workout?  According to myfitnesspal…
zwow-11-calories-burnedObviously doing HIIT,  you will burn more calories after this workout. But it all depends on how intense you work out! So, GO FOR IT!

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