Get Lean and Fit in 2014: How to Make New Year’s Resolutions that Work

Posted by NikH

new-year-fitnessThis is the time of the year for resolutions. Many of us give up on making resolutions because most of the time these resolutions get forgotten by February. So what’s the point of even thinking about them in the first place? We can remain cynics, or we can use this festive season to set new challenges for ourselves.  After all, what do we have to lose? If our resolution bummed out, we’d laugh it off and forget about it. If it was successful, well, we’ve gained something to be proud of. Making a New Year’s resolution is an exercise in self development. It’s  a good practice because we take stock of what we have achieved, and what we want to have happen a year from now. How to get really fit in 2014? Start a New Year’ resolution that works!

New Year’s Resolutions that Work

Making new year’s resolutions isn’t straight forward. You cannot simply make a wish and think they’d come true. Even though resolutions are based on wishes, we know that there’s a lot of effort involved on our part to make these wishes come true. You’ll need a strategy. Here are 5 secrets to making New Year’s resolutions that work… 1. Visualize the main goal. Sit in a quiet place and imagine yourself a year from today. Imagine that you’ve succeeded in making your resolution. What does it look like? Your subconscious mind will take you to that image. Maybe you want to lose excess fat… then imagine looking at yourself in the mirror. What does that image look like? Perhaps you’d like to be able to play better tennis… what does that feel like? Visualization is key to setting goals. We have to have an idea of where we are going before making the journey to that destination.

2. Make very specific goals. The more detail you give your visualized goal the better.  Most of the time, our resolutions fail because they’re too wishy washy. For example, instead of saying “I’m going to lose 20 pounds.” or “I’m going to pay more attention to my diet.”, try instead, “I’m going to get personal training sessions 2 x a week” and “I’m going to eat only home cooked foods every dinner time”. Making more specific goals help you see the path towards your destination. It’s like having a road map too give you an idea of what the journey entails.

3. Make a plan. A new diary is useful for making plans. Mark out dates in your calendar when you’re going about the task you’ve set out for yourself. If you’re going to start a new workout regime, mark out the timetable (for about 6-8 weeks) when you’re going to work out. Write a plan of whatever workout routines/programs you plan to follow, or make appointments with a trainer if you wish to start training. If you plan to cook at home, compile a shopping list / recipe list. Go get kitchen equipment.

4. Create tiny goals Now that you’ve got your timetable/plan sketched out — remember that it’s a sketch, not written in stone — break them up into parts. For each part create tiny goals. Achieving small goals are easy and will lead you to reaching the big goal.

5. Evaluate the possibility of success. Look at your plan(s). Think. Are they doable? Have you set your goals too high? Or too low? It is good to think about the ecology and economy of your resolutions. Tell yourself you are serious enough about your plans to make them work. Goals should be challenging, yet ecological. The tasks should bring benefits without damaging the rest of your life. You will want to spend more time working out to lose weight, but not over do it so much as to spend your entire existence in the gym. You may want to eat healthy, but not to the extent that you isolate yourselves from entertaining with friends.

6. Share your journey with others (optional) Sometimes letting others in on your resolutions can make the tasks more enjoyable.  Other people can be very encouraging. I, personally, do not care about this… therefore I say it’s optional.

A year from today…

How would you feel if you had made your resolutions and fulfilled them? What does it look like?I wish you a Happy New Year!