Painting Romance – “Chances Are”

Posted by NikH

Romantic Couple Painting

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“In the magic of moonlight
When I sigh, “Hold me close, dear”
Chances are you believe the stars
That fill the skies are in my eyes…
Guess you feel you’ll always be
The one and only one for me
And if you think you could…
Well, chances are your chances are awfully good
” …Lyrics to Chances Are, Johnny Mathis

“Chances Are” – Lover’s Waltz Painting
Acrylics On Canvas
120cm x 100cm


About the composition:

Lately I have been experimenting with new colors that I normally do not use. This one is in purple. It goes well with the Yellow Ochre complement that I use for highlighting skin. So this painting naturally nice on the eyes. Which in turn is relevant to the lovers in this story of pushing and pulling.

By putting the subject to the right side of the composition of the artpainting, I achieve a sense of privacy feeling to the images.

Thank you for looking. I hope it brings much inspiration.

painting on easel