Geisha Fan Dance Paintings

Posted by NikH

fan dance lady geisha painting

One of two paintings of a woman in the geisha spirit of a fan dance. The art is simple, it is almost momochromatic. Overall it is a red painting. Looking closer there are also other colors like burnt sienna and yellow ochre. There is no complement color.

The orientalism of the work is more than just the image of the girl with the fan. It is hidden in the brushwork. I have sneaked in a Chinese calligraphic base image during the grisaille stage of the painting. The entire figure sits upon the calligraphy and is fleshed out with thin strokes of color.

Her dress is but a light veil covering a nude. I keep the fabric ghostly, so that it remains barely there and dynamic. You can see her movement and the air around her hips.

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geisha art print

geisha art print

Geisha Art – Geisha fan dance Painting
Painting by Nik Helbig
Acrylics on Canvas
150cm x 90cm

This painting matches another painting, where the geisha fan dancer faces back to the viewer.