Fandango – painting

Posted by NikH

fandango - jolie painting

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Acrylics On Canvas
90 x 120 cm

“We skipped the light fandango
turned cartwheels ‘cross the floor”
…”Whiter Shade Of Pale” Lyrics by Keith Reid

This model looks a little like Angelina Jolie?

Fandango Facts:
Fandango is a lively couples dance from Spain, usually in triple metre, traditionally accompanied by guitars and castanets or hand-clapping (“palmas” in Spanish and Portuguese). Fandango can both be sung and danced. Sung fandango is usually bipartite: it has an instrumental introduction followed by “variaciones”. Sung fandango usually follows the structure of “cante” that consist of four or five octosyllabic verses (coplas) or musical phrases (tercios). Occasionally, the first copla is repeated.