Louise- Painting of Lovers

Posted by NikH

lovers painting

Painting By Nik Helbig of Lovers
Acrylics on Canvas
120 x 80 cm

Louise, a story from an 80’s song by Phil Oakey of The Human Leaque, is about the meeting of two past lovers. The male character wonders if the lady still felt the same after all those years. It could be that he has not completely got over her. She assures him that all is fine… But there is an underlying feeling that she has moved on long ago.


‎”It’s not always true that time heals all wounds…There are wounds that
you don’t wanna heal… the memories of something really good… something truly real, that you never found again.”… Human League, “Louise” lyrics.

This song was recently remixed by Robbie Williams in this video.