I-started-a-joke painting of kid with balloon

Posted by NikH

Child with balloon painting image

I Started A Joke – painting of child with red balloon
Acrylics on Canvas
120cm x 90cm

Painting of Child with runaway red balloon. It is like this a harmless balloon, can be seen by others as a symbol of wrong, an nuisance. Just as in the Cold War era song, 99 luftbalons by Nena.

I love the lyrics to the song. It is spiritual and thought provoking. Something I like to put into my art.

See the other version of this painting of child with balloon here.

Some interesting facts about the Robin Gibbs’ hit song, I started a Joke (as per Wikipedia):
The song is mainly written and sung by Robin Gibb. “I Started a Joke” is supposedly about someone who has done or said something horribly wrong, which results in feelings of social alienation. Another interpretation is that the song is sung from the point of view of the devil. Prior to performing the song onstage, Barry Gibb has remarked that one interpretation of the song is regarding the devil.

According to Robin Gibb, the melancholic melody of the song was inspired by the sounds on board an aeroplane:

“The melody to this one was heard aboard a British Airways Vickers Viscount about a hundred miles from Essen. It was one of those old four engine ‘prop’ jobs, that seemed to drone the passenger into a sort of hypnotic trance, only with this it was different. The droning, after a while, appeared to take the form of a tune, which mysteriously sounded like a church choir. So it was decided! We accosted the pilot, forced him to land in the nearest village and there; in a small pub, we finished the lyrics. Actually, it wasn’t a village, it was the city, and it wasn’t a pub, it was a hotel, and we didn’t force the pilot to land in a field… but why ruin a perfectly good story? ”

Robin Gibb told The Mail on Sunday on November 1, 2009 about “I Started a Joke:
“This is a very spiritual song. The listeners have to interpret it themselves, trying to explain it would detract from the song”.