Dancers on Stage – Painting of dancers series

Posted by NikH

painting of dancer

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Painting of Dancers on stage by Nik Helbig

These works were done in 2009 and are each in the dimensions of 120x90cm, acrylics on canvas.

Dancers on stage doing a ballet, perhaps modern ballet. Spotlight on each of the dancers engage an aura of concentration and awareness of the movement. Thin white dress on the woman figure enhances her body shape and movement in a silhouette.

Painting of dancers, especially paintings of ballet dancers, enable the artist to put music to paint. We capture the melody, mood and cord progressions of the music through the flow of the dancer’s body. We capture the flow by following the light source that accentuate the shape of the figure, the transluence of her dress and the aura she emits from her move.

There is a special element to painting dance. It is important to capture spirit rather than form, mindfulness rather than object, emotion rather than us subject. There is a lot going on in my mind when creating theses art pieces.

Complements of navy and yellow create the drama of a light source. The light is strong but coming from a single point. Light encompassed by total darkness is profound drama. That is how we achieve the sense of a dramatic painting.