Bird Come to me – Art Painting of Luck

Posted by NikH

Spiritual painting With bird
Paintings of luck come in many symbolic forms because is an abstract concept. It is devoid of content. It is not absolute. Its presence is relative.

Do you ever realize how good things just happen when we least expect?

This is a spiritual painting of luck in the from of a chance meeting with a golden bird. We are try so hard, and we get ourselves down. Look up or you’ll miss the breakthrough you were looking for.

If we chase the bird it will run off. Lift your hand out. Have faith. The creature of luck will willingly come to you in its time.

“Come to Me” Painting of Luck
Acrylics on Canvas
120 x 100 cm
Painting of lady outstretched hand with canary bird .
Painting of woman in the garden and bird.

Art prints of this painting is available from the site attached to the art painting below: