blame-it-on-the-moon-Painting of Angels

Posted by NikH

Paintings of Angels have always captured the hearts of mankind. This is a popular series of several paintings in my art blog. It could be because these fantasy creatures represent the beauty of the human spirit. I am a firm believer that you are beautiful, no matter who you are, and you just have to love that beauty within you so see it manifest in your life.


Blame it on the moon – angel painting

This painting is undeniably the most liked image in my art portfolio. When I first completed it, my initial thoughts were that it is very simple. The angel is a pensive creature, and she emits a sense of lonesomeness and peace. From this very image, one can infer who my favorite artist inspiration are.

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“Blame It On The Moon” painting is based on the song of the same title by Katie Melua. It’s simplicity and nice harmony together with an eerie instrumentation, helped to gather the emotion for this piece. It is music embedded in 2 dimensional brush work.

Gonna blame it, on the moon
Didn’t want to fall in love again so soon…
I was fine, feeling strong,
Didn’t want to fall in love with anyone.
Now that it’s gone too far to call for a halt,
I blame it on the moon cos it’s not my fault…
I did not think that it would happen so soon,
So I blame it on the moon.

Details of the original paintings art works:

Angel and Moon
2009 Nik Helbig
120cm x 100cm
Acrylics on Canvas

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